Hotel Casa Victoria



1. Abhyanga (lymphatic, energetic and psychosomatic massage)wellness-285589_960_720

The Abhyanga massage acts physically and mentally. Collaborates with defense mechanisms and strengthens the immune system, slows aging, eliminate mental and physical fatigue, eliminates stress, relieves physical and mental contractures, improves eyesight, strengthens the body, increases longevity, helps with disorders sleep, tones the skin, serves to relax and be energized.

2. Shiro Abhyanga (head massage, neck and shoulders)

This massage shoulders, neck, head, face and arms work, but has profound effects throughout the body. Relieves mental stress, muscle and anxiety, eliminates dandruff, prevents hair loss and promotes their growth and beauty, achieving a more silky, stronger and brighter, clears hair, revitalizes the mind and improve concentration, balance , giving a sense of calm and peace. Facilitates sleep, you can sleep better and more deeply.

Work on the upper chakras, mobilizing stagnant energy excess of thought, which the body returns to work harmoniously, improves blood circulation of the head and scalp, improves lymphatic drainage of the head and neck, allowing eliminate waste products through the lymphatic channels of the head, which is also of great help to detoxify the neck and neck. Improves mobility and muscle tone area of the head, neck and shoulders, free eyestrain and headaches, help with bruxism (teeth grinding) and tinnitus (tinnitus). The oils used in each session has very beneficial properties for scalp and hair.

3. Padabhyanga (foot massage)

 It helps to calm the mind, helps maintain good vision and hearing, improves sleep quality, improves peripheral circulation, improves the health of the feet (relieves pain, improves muscle tone and moisturize the skin), helps prevent sciatica. Promotes blood and lymphatic flow risk, as well as transport of waste, improves vitality and well-being, stimulates hormonal activity, and thus, fertility and harmonizes the cerebral hemispheres


1. Ritual Detox and Regenerator

Enjoy a peeling based on organic Siberian cedar oil and salt marshes that nourish and rejuvenate your skin while leaving it free of impurities envelops you in its aroma Siberian forest and nature. Red juniper repair your skin leaving it strong and resilient and will help to eliminate toxins. Our wrap Oblepikhya based plant with great regenerating and nourishing power, will leave your skin renewed, restoring firmness and natural tone.


A treat for the senses with an invigorating exfoliation that envelops you and detoxifies the skin, and a unique butter that stimulates the skin’s metabolism. A real detoxification treatment based Siberian cedar pine nuts, pure exoticism and wild nature in the service of your health and beauty.

2. Ritual Ozonoterapia

It provides a health and relaxation both as sensory and mentally and physically. The special aroma of ozone surrounds the cabin offering a calm state and creating a single field, dedicated to the comprehensive care of our client agency. This treatment is indicated in many cases, from relaxation, cleanliness and oxygenation of the body to treat bodily ailments.

3. Ritual anti-stress, relaxing and aromatherapy

Lavender has a balancing action and treatment is ideal for a stress relieving massage for her and him.

wellness-589772_960_7204. Ritual antioxidant, nourishing and anti-aging

Pamper yourself with vinotherapy this five-star treatment. Thanks to its moisturizing and anti-free radicals grapeseed oil deep red and fresh juice of red grapes, the skin will be more luminous and hydrated and from the first treatment will appreciate a more toned skin.

5. Thermal Ritual, Draining Action

The Cremerie offers the best marine nature combining the properties of thermal waters with the benefits of algae, enriched by the power of guarana. This treatment provides an important draining action and prevents fluid retention.

6. Ritual pindas cinnamon and ginger

Purifying and invigorating massage. A revitalizing ritual of oriental inspiration with spicy, perfumed and warmed pindas. The type of elements of the pinda is determined by the effect you want to achieve with treatment, or stimulating or relaxing.



The word REIKI comes from Japanese and means Universal Vital Energy + Divine. The R.A.I. REIKI defined as the Divine and intelligent energy that serves only to heal and to maintain human health, animal and plant kingdom. REIKI blends, dissolves blockages, activate self-healing, brings healing life energy, relieves pain and removes and serves to remove stress.